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Why go above-ground if you could save space by going underground?

No more hiding of tanks and using precious space!

Install your tanks underground for convenience and aesthetics!

Our tanks are made of 100% pure Polyethylene.
The tanks are odourless and resistant to bacterial and chemical decay and are maintenance free.
The closed unit design minimizes evaporation and leakages; is waterproof to prevent ground-water inflow and contamination; and is root resistant.

  4EVR Plastic Products Underground Tanks:



  • are made of UV-stabilized foodgrade polymer material
  • are BPA-free
  • roto-moulded as one integral part to ensure a watertight unit
  • have heavy-duty reinforced ribs for extra strength
  • are durable, lightweight and strong
  • can be linked to increase capacity
  • include fittings
  • offer easy access to inlet and outlets
  • rust and corrosion-free (this would shorten the life expectancy of the units)
  • include a removable manhole cover which could be filled with concrete






The ecogator above-ground rainwater tanks are made of UV-stabilized food-grade polymer material.

They are designed for durability and strength and have a 10-year warrantee. The ecogator range of rainwater tanks comes with a clip-close lid and includes a sieve. The ecogator 1000L tank inludes a bag of fittings as per image and a moulded-in recess at the bottom of the tank for easy linking.





The ecogator Range:

All across the world, water is becoming a scarce and vulnerable resource. In South Africa we are experiencing the harsh effects of drought in certain regions. At 4EVR Plastic Products we are constantly developing products to preserve and protect this precious resource. All our tanks are UV-stabilized and made from food-grade material.

The ecogator range consists of the following:

  • Underground and aboveground tanks.
  • Grey water system.
  • Pool backwash system.
  • Fluido – sewage treatment plants
  • Rainwater harvesting tanks
  • Communal standpipe
  • Backfeed/filtration system
  • Rainwater sump.




4EVR Plastic Products offers two basic mobile toilet huts/structures:

  • The round site toilet hut
  • The comfort hut

Each hut is designed to include various options.

The different products could be bought on its own or with a 4EVR mobile toilet hut. Our sanitation products and accessories are designed to be fully compatible with the 4EVR Plastic Products Mobile Toilets.

All parts, fittings and pipes are made of high quality polyethylene that is rust-proof and durable, with no corrosion and rotting. Our toilets are ideal for construction sites, road camps, farms and rural housing.





A septic tank needs a soak-away or french drain, but could also be pumped out if neccesary. 4EVR Septic tanks boast an internal baffle to divide solids and fluids and has a unique pipe and tube system to ensure no unwanted spillage. The performance of a septic tank is determined by the quality of your soak-away or french drain.

Pipe-&-Tube System


Internal Baffle








A conservancy tank needs to be pumped out by a sewerage truck or honey sucker. We use the same basic mould for both our Septic tanks and Conservancy tanks. The Conservancy tank does not have an internal divider or overflow pipe, which increases the holding capacity, compared to the Septic tank.







ecogator Underground Rainwater Storage tanks are made of UV-stabilized food-grade polymer material. They are designed for durability and strenght and is BPA-free.








We are proud to announce that 4EVR Plastic Products has just received our SANS 1731:2017 (South African National Tanks Standards) certificate and we are currently the only factory in the Western Cape with this accreditation on all our ecogator® Above-ground Water Tanks.




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