Rubble Chute

The 4EVR Rubble / Waste Safety Chute is the perfect way to remove rubble or household waste safely from multi-storied buildings to the site rubble dump or waste container on the ground.

The Rubble / Waste Safety Chute consists of 2 parts:

  • The Receiver which is located on the appropriate floor storey levels where building rubble / waste is generated.
  • The Chute which guides the waste as it falls.

Rubble / waste receivers are placed in line, but on different floors, and the Safety Chute is extended by linking numerous chutes together until the required height is reached

  • Minimum noise
  • Versatile
  • Made from durable Polyethylene
  • No corrosion or rust
  • Ease of installation

Code: RC (Rubble Chute)

Height1 400 mm
Width (top)560 mm
Width (bottom)400 mm


Code: RRC (Rubble Chute Receiver)

Height1 034 mm
Width620 mm