Rainwater Filtration & Backfeed System

Code: EGFS4

The ecogator® Backfeed/Filtration System is designed to enable households to live off the grid and use rainwater for household purposes. The challenge when harvesting rainwater is how to effectively transfer, filtrate and back-feed it from your storage tanks to the point of being ready for household use. The ecogator® system offers you a simple solution to achieve this.

This single unit housing accommodates all components, pre-assembled with all the pipe work included for easy installation by a plumber. It is designed to first pump, filter/clean and disinfect your rainwater for household and/or garden use. It offers you a housing for a pump, a 2-stage filtration process and a UV-light on the side of the unit. The system has one single inlet (water from your tanks) and two outlets – one to the garden and one to back-feed to your house. The rainwater is pumped from your rainwater tanks to go through the ecogator® Filtration and Back-feed System and then to your house or garden. It could also be utilized to hang your garden hosepipe on. The water is suitable for all household use, except human consumption.

Please note, this system does not treat chemicals, iron, salt levels, etc – it only filters rainwater.