Grey Water System

Code: EGGW2 – EGGW3

The ecogator® Grey water system is designed to ensure the recycling of household grey water. One of the best ways to preserve water is by re-using household grey water. Even with no rain – you still have your daily household grey water to re-use in your garden.

The system is simple to use and easy to install. The 120L tank is only a collection point for recycled water and not for storage. Household waste pipes from the shower, bath and washing machine are extended to a central point, where it passes through a filter into the tank and then it is pumped to your garden. Kitchen water should not be used as the greasiness and fatty residue may block the irrigation pump and pipes which could pose a health risk. Never include sewerage in grey water.

Everything needed is included in the ecogator® Grey Water System (tank, filter, pump and manual). It is easy to clean and maintain and is made of durable Polyethylene which is non-corrosive and rust free. Regular pumping will inhibit bacteria growth and the forming of odors. The average household could save up to 50 liters per person per day to re-use in your garden.

The ecogator® Grey Water System includes a:

  • Tank (120 L)
  • Pump
  • Filter unit
  • Manual