Fluido Sewage System

Code: FLU6500

  • Made according to International standards.
  • Fully Biological Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • User-friendly German REWATECH FLUIDO sewerage technology system, combined with a 4EVR sewage tank.

4EVR Fast Facts:

  • Operate with low and high inflow volume.
  • No complex filters which can cause blockages.
  • Lightweight and extremely compact.
  • Low installation depth.
  • Bacterial disinfectant options available.

How It Works: 
The FLUIDO cleaning cycle is eight hours.

During this time, wastewater, stored in the pre-treatment container(1), is fed intermittently in batches into the FLUIDO chamber(2).

The FLUIDO System(3) pumps in oxygen through a submerged aerator, which allows the growth of microorganisms to digest the sewage.

At the end of the cycle, cleaned water would have accumulated in the upper part of the chamber. This water can then be pumped into the garden, soak-away area or flow away ditch.

Meanwhile a new amount of sewage would have gathered in the pre-treatment container and the new cycle will start every eight hours.

(1.) Preliminary sedimentation of wastewater

(2.) FLUIDO chamber

(3.) FLUIDO System

(4.) Top cover

(5.) Shaft

(6.) 4EVR Septic tank