Underground Tanks

Why go above-ground if you could save space by going underground?

No more hiding of tanks and using precious space!

Install your tanks underground for convenience and aesthetics!

Our tanks are made of 100% pure Polyethylene.
The tanks are odourless and resistant to bacterial and chemical decay and are maintenance free.
The closed unit design minimizes evaporation and leakages; is waterproof to prevent ground-water inflow and contamination; and is root resistant.

4EVR Plastic Products Underground Tanks:

  • are made of UV-stabilized foodgrade polymer material
  • are BPA-free
  • roto-moulded as one integral part to ensure a watertight unit
  • have heavy-duty reinforced ribs for extra strength
  • are durable, lightweight and strong
  • can be linked to increase capacity
  • include fittings
  • offer easy access to inlet and outlets
  • rust and corrosion-free (this would shorten the life expectancy of the units)
  • include a removable manhole cover which could be filled with concrete