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Customised Mouldings

We make customised moulds to client specifications and/or requirements. With more than 30 years experience in roto-moulding, as well as qualified technical and design personnel, we offer a specialised service to assist you in producing your unique product. We will guide you through the process, from initial product concept and development, to final design and manufacturing of the product. We will make it happen.

4EVR customised mouldings for agricultural implements

Agricultural Implements

We manufacture a wide variety of containers/tanks for specific agricultural implements for the local market as well as for implements being exported to various overseas countries.

4EVR customised mouldings for KolKol wood-fired hot tubs

KolKol Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

The KolKol Wood-Fired Hot Tub requires no installation, uses no electricity and is mobile. This product is ideal for guest houses, farm cottages, lodges, game reserves, camp sites, private homes or wherever you need it.

Foam Fracturator for Fish Farming

We manufacture various unique products for the marine and aqua culture Industry from small crates to very big abalone tanks.

Iron Removal System

We manufacture a system for Alternative Water Solutions, to remove iron from borehole water.

This system is exported to Australia and other countries worldwide.

Cold Carts

Crates fit precisely inside the mould, with no extra movement possible.

The refrigerant compartment can be opened without losing cold atmosphere in the rest of the unit.

The unit is roto-moulded with the customer’s logo.

Wine Fermentation Tank

The Zeppelin wine fermentation tank was designed and launched for a wine client in the Overberg area and has a 600 Litre capacity.