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Jetty floats manufactured by 4EVR, leaders in custom moulded products
4EVR Plastic Products Jetty Floats

Our  History

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, 4EVR Plastic Products specializes in the rotational moulding of high quality polymer products. The company was established in 1975 and has since grown from strength to strength. They started out as an agent for a Gauteng-based company, but bought their first roto-mould machine in the mid nineties, to manufacture and distribute their own products in the Western Cape.

Since then the company has invested significantly in roto-mould machines and moulds and established itself as a leader in the custom moulded products market. Today 4EVR Plastic Products owns a large variety of machinery from small to large which enables them to manufacture the widest range of products possible. They are the first company to install a Rheinhart machine in the Western Cape.

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“4EVR Plastic Products were the first company to install a Rheinhart machine in the Western Cape.”

4EVR Plastic Products has established itself as the preferred supplier of septic tanks in the Western Cape. They have also developed a range of unique products such as the 4EVR Step Irons and Rubble Chutes & Receivers, as well as being the first company to manufacture plastic roto-moulded Fire Boxes.

In 2009 4EVR Plastic Products was bought by its’ present owners, who brought new innovation and ideas to the company. Their vision was to expand the company further and establish themselves as the leaders in custom designed products.

*Background photo of Rheinhardt Machine

“…and establish themselves as the leaders in custom designed products.”

4EVR Plastic Products manufactures a range of eco-friendly products and owns the ecogator® brand. The focus of the ecogator® range is mainly on water conservation and protecting this valuable resource.

The ecogator® range of products include the following:

  • ecogator® Grey Water System
  • Pool Backwash System
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Fluido (combining German technology with South African tanks)
  • Communal Standpipe, Rainwater Sump, etc.

“We look forward to being of service to all our current and prospective clients, we pride ourselves in service-delivery of the highest standard”

Vonnie Heyns, Managing Director, 4EVR Plastic Products.